If you have been long time listener to West Lothian Boomerang you will note that we started out using the good old compact tape, then as this type of technology became obsolete a few years ago we moved to USB memory sticks.

Technology never stands still and we at WL Boomerang recognise that we must also change with the times to ensure our audience get the very best service we can provide. Therefore we have embarked on a programme to bring you our publication via a "Podcast" which is simply like a radio show that is available for download or playing on the internet or via your smart speaker. It is our sincerest intent that you are able to enjoy our content on whatever platform is best suited to you.

You will also be able to listen to archive episodes on our website so no need to worry if you miss a week, you can always catch up.

Looking for the older recordings? You can find them by going here: All West Lothian Boomerang Recordings Feed